Is the Lab Above the Law?

Gather at the State Capital Rotunda

Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 10 am


COME JOIN US!! to request closure of an illegal nuclear waste dump at Los Alamos National Laboratory and ask Governor Richardson to reject plutonium pit factories in New Mexico.    

There will be a group of local citizens, adults and children alike, that will be delivering approximately 1,500 petitions in the form of mock nuclear waste cans (actually relabeled cans of food) to the governor.  We are asking officials with the New Mexico Environment Department, along with the governor and attorney general, to enforce the law that pertains to the disposal of nuclear waste by closing Area G.  This illegal nuclear waste dump has been operating without a permit since 1985.  Why should this dump be allowed to remain open and operating outside of regulatory compliance? 

Also, the nuclear weapons industry has obtained initial congressional approval for new weapons, “mini-nukes,” enhanced readiness to conduct nuclear tests in violation of the test ban treaty, signed by the United States, and is now planning for a large new factory for plutonium “pits,” the fissile cores of bombs.  Out of five possible sites that the Department of Energy may choose for this plutonium factory, two are located here in New Mexico -- Los Alamos and Carlsbad.

Got your attention now???  Come join us on June 26th!

Sponsored by the Los Alamos Study Group.

For more information please contact any one of the following:

Greg or Trish Mello            505-265-1200                       Ada Browne                          505-982-2495

Rebecca Abelson                 505-474-9126                       Joan Henderson                   505-501-1275

David Bacon                         505-474-0484                       Annie O’Halloran                 505-982-0969