URGENT — Action Alert #75
"Nuclear weapons decisions being made NOW"

News bits

1) LLNL pu to LANL
2) Nuclear winter w/links
3) LANL exec moved to position to order more nuclear weapons
4) NYT in favor of reductions, acknowledges disarmament obligation
5) Nuclear reprocessing plant to Roswell, or Hobbs
6) LANL SWEIS delayed
7) GP report
8) Annan speech, Mian link
9) GP legal opinion
10) Pantex safety letter

URGENT attention needed here!

  • Break the silence!
  • NM delegation MIA
  • Contact your legislators to a) defund CMRR, b) don't resume bomb production at LANL, c) don't start pit production
  • Short discussion of the assumptions on US nuclear weapon policy and why it is less relevant strategically than ever before while continuing to be morally reprehensible

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