Action Alerts 2003


Action Alert #25 (11/11/03)
Missiles of Empire and More

Contents at a glance:
1. "Missiles of Empire: High-Tech Power Projection in the 21st Century"
Lecture and discussion, 11/18 (Santa Fe) and 11/20 (Albuquerque)
2. Study Group meeting in Los Alamos, 12/2
3. New billboard coming; sponsors needed
4. High-profile national effort underway to "guide" citizen dissent
5. Future events: watch this space

1. "Missiles of Empire: High-Tech Power Projection in the 21st Century"
Don't miss this!

Andrew Lichterman, Program Director at the anti-nuclear Western States Legal Foundation in Oakland, will present a uniquely qualified overview of the revolution now underway in U.S. ability to strike with both conventional and nuclear warheads at targets around the world from the continental United States. Synergistic revolutions in warhead accuracy, target sensing, maneuverability, flight time, and more are being accelerated in the Bush Administration and will profoundly alter U.S. global strike capability and willingness to use it. These technologies partly underlie the current push for new nuclear warheads, and are already affecting the work at Los Alamos and Sandia laboratories.

Among the revelations to be discussed (heretofore unpublished in the open press): Pentagon contractors are quietly mapping potential targets for "bunker busters" not just in the expected places like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Libya, and Syria, but also in India, Pakistan, and Columbia; maneuverable vehicles that will fly down from sub-orbital trajectories to dispense bunker-buster weapons, both conventional and nuclear, as well as targeting sensors that will allow in-flight target selection, will have their first flight tests as early as 2007; and more.

Andy is not just another smart weapons wonk. He is probably the best informed independent authority in the country on these "transformational" nuclear and conventional delivery systems and their integration with pace warfare technologies.

Much more than this, Andy is a rare and thoughtful scholar of social movements and a leader in the nuclear disarmament field, who brings a historian's eye, a law professor's mind, and a crusader's heart to the business of understanding how ordinary citizens can successfully and joyfully resist the U.S. global domination project in both its foreign and domestic aspects. Accordingly, we have asked Andy to devote the second half of his talk to these subjects, so important for us in New Mexico especially.

Andy will speak at the Cloud Cliff Bakery Cafe (1805 2nd Street in Santa Fe) on Tuesday, November 18 at 7:00 pm (suggested donation, $5; doors open at 6:30 pm), and on Thursday, November 20, at the University of New Mexico Student Union Building at 6:00 pm in the Lobo Room (on the third floor; free of charge).

2. Study Group meeting in Los Alamos, Tuesday 7:00 pm, December 2: Citizen inspection, verification, and enforcement.

At our last Study Group meeting on November 2, we had a fine discussion of the current status of nuclear armament, disarmament, and nonproliferation; about 20 people attended. Many thanks to Willem Malten of Cloud Cliff Bakery for providing us a sunny space in which to meet, some yummy pastries, and tea!

Our next meeting will be in Los Alamos, to be as open and convenient for lab employees as possible. At this meeting we will have a practical discussion of the possibilities for citizen enforcement of international treaties. Those who are interested in joining this effort at this stage should plan to attend.

We will invite laboratory security, who may or may not choose to attend and listen, in order to cut short any accusations of conspiracy or sense of paranoia. If security personnel attend in their formal capacity they will not be invited to participate in the discussion, however.

Study Group meetings are one of the best ways to keep up with current developments in the field, to share insights, and to make friends in the movement. We hope you will attend and we will try to make these meetings worth your while. Location of this event will follow in another email (or hit "reply" to find out in the meantime).

3. New billboard; sponsors needed
A new billboard, directed at the authors of the illegal war of aggression in Iraq and the loss of civil liberties attending the mis-named "war on terror," should go up in the next week or so. It will say, simply, this: "'To initiate a war of the supreme international crime.' Nuremburg Tribunal, 1946"

Motivated viewers will be directed to our web site, where the background of this statement, and its applicability to today, will be available.

The color scheme is red, black, and white (guess the historical reference). The design has, as in the case of other recent billboards, been donated by a generous person.

We have few donors lined up yet for this billboard, which will cost us about $8,000 between now and next November. This works out to a mere 1/10 of a cent per car or so, far less than almost any other means of outreach.

The quote used, taken from the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, The Trial of German Major War Criminals, Judgment: 30th September, 1946 - 1st October, 1946, at “Conspiracy and Aggressive War,” p. 13, says in full:

"War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent States alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

Precisely our reality today.

4. High-profile national effort underway to "guide" citizen dissent. Most work in the arms control and disarmament field, and in nonprofits dealing with nuclear issues generally, is funded by a combination of foundation funds and private donations. Since roughly 9/11/01, the formerly-largest foundation funders in our field have either gone out of business entirely or changed their mission, ceding most of the field to main-line foundations like the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Carnegie Endowment or International Peace. Former Clinton Administration officials have been appointed to senior positions in these large foundations and are now helping to guide their national security programs.

These largest foundations, together with the Ploughshares Fund, have decided to band together to actively guide as much work in the field as possible, from the academy to Capitol Hill to the grassroots (to be replaced by what they call "grasstops"). In other words, the elite foreign policy establishment, both ideas and in some cases people, which guided policy in the Clinton administration is now moving with great force to consolidate all possible work -- and money -- in the field under a "moderate" or centrist banner. In plain language, there is an attempted takeover of the entire field from the "top," and the "top" is moving still farther up and to the right.

To give you a brief taste of the new approach, here is a paragraph, taken from the common five-year work plan published by the Ploughshares Fund, under "The Role of Military Force":

"A cooperative foreign policy does not avoid the use of military force; it relegates it to a last resort and recognizes the limits of its usefulness to advance national and international security. MILITARY POWER HAS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN DEFENDING ONE'S OWN NATION FROM ATTACK AND THE THREAT OF FORCE CAN BE NECESSARY FOR THE SUCCESS OF COERCIVE DIPLOMACY [emphasis added]. In circumstances that defy proactive strategies and present an imminent threat to international security and human life and rights on a large scale, many members of the peace and security community believe that the actual use of force may be required. Given the profound effect of such undertakings, they should have broad international support and authorization from the UN Security Council or other regional security bodies."

In this document and in recent practice, nuclear abolition -- a clear legal requirement of the U.S. and other states under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty -- is now OFF the table; "moderate" approaches -- that is, approaches centered on what "Washington, DC-centric" professionals THINK will appeal to "moderates" in Congress are ON the table.

These "moderate" positions include, for example, advocating FOR pit production in existing and planned facilities in Los Alamos as a substitute for the proposed larger pit production facility. Many organizations are bowing to these pressures. For example, the Study Group was the only organization in the U.S. actively arguing that pit production at Los Alamos should be opposed; one NEW MEXICO nuclear organization even advocated putting Los Alamos current and planned pit production capability "front and center" in DC lobbying. Recently, the DC representative of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) described to members his promotion of LANL as a pit production site.

Friends, the day when a consortium of "disarmament" and "arms control" organizations, with one dissenting voice (that's us) argues FOR manufacturing plutonium pits -- we are talking weapons of mass destruction here -- in Los Alamos or anywhere is a dark day. And that day has arrived.

The policy elites that are guiding nearly all the funding in our field have no visible problem with the "U.S. global domination project," or even with nuclear weapons per se. They, like the arms control community, appear to be seeking some kind of stability, rather than disarmament and justice. Well, there will be no stability. Today, mighty forces long pent are at work in the world, and stability is the one thing we are not going to get. We must, as Andy Lichterman points out, choose where we stand.

The proposed "moderate" strategy of trying to pick off less than 1% of nuclear weapons spending, while implicitly or explicitly (as noted above) supporting the rest of the program is quintessentially Clintonian. It was exactly this approach which squandered the opportunity given by the end of the Cold War to achieve nuclear disarmament. It was precisely this approach which failed so miserably to achieve ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) in 1999. Such unprincipled advocacy, which vitiates ideals and defines its positions just one shade to the left of wherever the right is at the moment, isn't so much realism as what C. Wright Mills called "crackpot realism." It does preserve career options.

Unfortunately, most organizations in the field, who like us are strapped for resources, will no doubt work within this "collaborative" framework. The parameters of such "collaboration" have been set by people who do not share our goals, although they are perfectly capable of paying lip service to them when necessary. This is exactly what Mr. Clinton did, while doubling the budget for nuclear weapons research and production and starting nearly every weapons program now being criticized. Caveat emptor.

5. Future events: watch this space

The Study Group is committed to building citizen resistance to domination by the nuclear military state, while continuing our scholarship and media outreach. We will continue to offer group discussions, major outside intellectual figures that teach, inspire, and conspire with us, and are we continuing to build a framework of transnational citizen resistance limited only by our own courage, resourcefulness, and love. We have a long tradition of effectiveness, and look to still more. We value every contribution, large or small, and every ally. We hope you will join us, or help support our programs.

Greg and the rest of the Study Group gang

"The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country."
Lincoln's Second Annual Message to Congress, December 1, 1862.

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Action Alert #24 (10/29/03)
Upcoming Event - Talks with Andy Lichterman

Dear friends --

Just wanted to let you know about a discussion on Sunday at Cloud Cliff in Santa Fe AND upcoming events in Santa Fe and Albuquerque on the 18th and 20th, respectively.

The event on Sunday is a low-key meeting of Study Group supporters, but it is open to the public and hence to you. No promises. It's a working meeting -- messy, perhaps, and under normal circumstances not of interest to the working press. It is just a little different now, however. The fate of the nonproliferation treaty is increasingly hanging in the balance, and both France and Japan are talking openly about changing their defense postures, etc. Some of us are now reaching deeper, and higher.

The subject of Andy's talk is in my opinion of really great interest at every level, and would reward detailed study and writing. We are on the cusp of an attempted major transformation in the delivery of explosives (nuclear and otherwise), which will affect the NM labs enormously. I will send you guys a little heads-up on that in a moment.

We hope to host monthly talks by the very best people in the field over the coming year, and believe that many of these will be of interest to you. Andy's talk is the first such.


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Action Alert #23 (6/19/03)
Press Conference and Public Gathering to appeal to Governor Richardson


WHAT: Press conference and public gathering to ask Governor Richardson to close the Los Alamos nuclear dump and to publicly signal rejection of weapon of mass destruction factories in New Mexico. All are invited! This will be a family event -- children of all ages are welcome! There will be guest speakers, lots of kids, presentation of petitions in the form of mock waste drums (the nuclear waste "Can-Paign"), and more. Environment Department Secretary Curry is also invited. Representatives of supportive organizations are invited to briefly speak.

WHEN: 10:00 a.m. Thursday, June 26

WHERE: The State Capitol Rotunda, Santa Fe

WHY #1: Over three thousand New Mexicans and 27 environmental organizations have petitioned the Governor to close the huge "Area G" chemical and nuclear landfill in Los Alamos, which has never received an operating permit and has been operating illegally since 1985. Seventeen months have passed; despite numerous requests and meetings, no real reply has been received and no actions taken. Four MORE nuclear dumps are planned, and the nuclear weapons industry expects to permanently bury over a million more drums of nuclear waste on the Los
Alamos mesas over the next seven decades. Nearly all of this waste will come from nuclear weapons design, testing, and manufacturing.

WHY #2: The nuclear weapons industry has obtained initial congressional approval for new weapons, "mini-nukes," enhanced readiness to conduct nuclear tests in violation of the test ban treaty we have signed, and is now planning and building new nuclear weapons factories, including planning for a large new factory for plutonium "pits," the fissile cores of bombs. Two of five possible sites for this factory are in New Mexico: one at Los Alamos, where it would join a smaller plutonium "pit" factory already in existence; and one near Carlsbad. Waste from the Los Alamos factory or factories are to be permanently buried at Area G, as it is today, and also at the WIPP site near Carlsbad.

WHY #3: Governor Richardson (through Environment Department Secretary Ron Curry), along with Attorney General Patricia Madrid, have the formal responsibility to enforce the state's laws against the unpermitted operation of a declared hazardous waste disposal site. So far, there have been no signs of movement on this subject by this Administration. With little or no enforcement, and only orders for "investigations" rather than a halt to dumping and genuine cleanup, the attractiveness of New Mexico for polluting nuclear facilities increases.

WHY #4: We don't need to rehearse the other reasons to come -- we all know them. Come one, come all! For background or more information, contact any one of the planning team:

Greg or Trish 505-265-1200 at the Study Group office in Albuquerque,
Rebecca Abelson 505-474-9126,
David Bacon 505-474-0484,
Ada Browne 505-982-2495,
Joan Henderson 505-501-1275,
Annie O'Halloran 505-982-0969.


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Action Alert #22 (3/19/03)
Call to Close Area G Waste Dump- Letter to Gov. Richardson


As many of you know, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has a large, active nuclear waste dump, called "Area G" (see for background).

In the early 1990s, the Study Group, helped by many people and organizations, successfully halted the planned expansion of Area G. But the dump still continues to gradually fill up, and four large new disposal areas are included in the Department of Energy's (DOE's) plans for LANL. Over the next 70 years, DOE plans to dispose of approximately as much waste at LANL as they have disposed there to date. This waste is permanently buried in unlined shallow trenches and shafts, not just stored.

As it turns out, there is no hazardous waste permit for Area G, which contains plenty of hazardous waste of all kinds, in addition to nuclear waste of all kinds, including transuranic waste (such as being disposed at WIPP today) and spent reactor fuel. Neither is there a closure plan (required). The New Mexico Attorney General's office has declared that disposal at Area G has been illegal since 1985, but no political appointee or elected official wants to enforce this particular law. No halting of disposal and no cleanup is planned.

So far, more than 2,000 people have formally requested that Area G close. To date, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) has not responded to these requests to close "Area G" and hold public hearings to decide how to close the site permanently. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, and Assistant Secretary of Energy for Environmental Management Jessie Roberson, along with LANL, have been working diligently to pressure New Mexico into so-called "accelerated clean-up", which would allow "Area G" and its successor dumps to continue to accept nuclear waste essentially forever, while avoiding cleanup just about everywhere else on the site. (So far, NMED hasn't caved in completely but isn't really requiring cleanup either.)

Attached below is the letter originally sent to Governor Johnson and NMED requesting closure of Area G. Please help us send it to Governor Bill Richardson and Secretary of the Environment Ron Curry.

****Please review this letter, indicate your approval at the bottom of the letter with your name and address (we need this), and return via email.****

We would like to submit these letters to the Governor as soon as possible, so please respond quickly! Thank you!


Greg, Trish, Lydia, David, and the other Los Alamos Study Group conspirators


Dear Governor Richardson:

Los Alamos National Laboratory continues to dispose of large quantities of radioactive waste in shallow pits and shafts in its "Area G" landfill near White Rock, NM. I respectfully request that you, through the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), close Area G to further disposal of nuclear waste, I request that NMED hold formal public hearings on the required closure plan and subsequent cleanup and stabilization measures, both for Area G and for all other nuclear and chemical waste disposal sites in Los Alamos. Please put me on the mailing list for these hearings and all other opportunities for public comment on disposal and cleanup at Los Alamos. Since nuclear weapons have failed to create security in New Mexico, please give this food to charities who serve the poor. Don't waste New Mexico's future!



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Action Alert #21 (3/13/2003)
Peace Demonstration and the Can-Paign

Dear friends

1. Please come if you can to the big peace demonstration planned for Albuquerque on Saturday, March 15, at 12 NOON, sponsored by the good folks at Stop the War Machine. It's at the Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) Truman Gate.

To get there, take I-25 south to Albuquerque and take the Gibson Blvd. exit EAST. Continue on Gibson east along the northern boundary of KAFB to the intersection of Gibson and Truman. That's where the Truman Gate is, and the demonstration will be.

Parking will be an issue, so it's best to come early and park on side streets. Be sure and follow all parking laws and be courteous to local businesses -- or your car might be towed! If you want to carpool (recommended!), call your friends and set one up, or rendezvous at the Los Alamos Study Group office (212 East Marcy Street, Santa Fe) at 10:15 am.

Why come to another demonstration? Because it's important not just to oppose THIS war but what could follow it -- other wars, a big tax cut for the rich, nuclear testing, new restrictions on civil liberties, re-"election" of Bush, etc. We have to keep up the momentum and the pressure!

There could be heckling and other forms of disagreement at this demonstration from pro-war individuals. It's important for all of us to keep cool and think about how to respond nonviolently to insults and provocations.

Remember to bring your signs if you have any.

2. We are making a big push to get a final 1,500 signatures against nuclear dumping at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and believe we could get many of those signatures at this rally. If you would like to help us with this campaign, it would make a big difference. We CAN end illegal dumping at LANL! We are poised to deliver about 2,000 "Can-Paign" cans to Governor Richardson, who needs to hear from us on this issue SOON. Several volunteers will be carrying clipboards and gathering signatures. If you would like to help, ask any of the Study Group clipboard team!

3. Our radio spots on major New Mexico stations against the war have been very effective. We get lots of calls, mostly positive but some negative. We've run almost 500 ads over the last several weeks, each one costing about $25. We've funded these on a week-to-week basis, depending on the donations we receive. Funding has dropped off somewhat, and we need your help to pick up the pace again so that these ads can continue! If you would like to send a tax-deductible donation, mail it to the address below and write "radio ads" on your check. (Or, if you like, you can write "general support.") Thank you in advance for your donation!

4. We have also had a team of volunteers canvassing Santa Fe businesses, distributing displays and donation cans for "No War," and other bumper stickers. If you know of a business that would like to have a bumper sticker display, please call us and we will contact them.

5. If you would like to volunteer and work with others for peace and nuclear disarmament, we want to talk to you! Please call us at 265-1200.

In Solidarity,

Greg, Trish, Lydia, David, the Radio Committee, and the rest of the Study Group team

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Action Alert #20 (2/17/03)
Radio Ads against the War

Dear friend –
We need your help, and this week, if possible!

Our radio spots against the Iraq war have been very effective, judging by the number and kinds of calls we’ve gotten, but we need your help to keep them on the air, to vary the message, and to expand the coverage! With these ads, we are reaching new constituencies and sending a powerful message that resistance to war is not going away, but is determined and growing.

This week, you can hear our 1-minute anti-war spots on KHFM, KRST, KTRC, KTAO, KBAC, and KLSK. Or you can hear them on our web site (<>), where you can also find a wealth of information and a big list of links about the proposed war). But we are now out of money for these ads. Your $25 check will buy a radio spot that will reach thousands of people, making this a very cost-effective way to get out the word. All production costs are being donated.

Even other news media are interested in these radio spots. As I write this, Channel 4 TV is supposedly broadcasting a news segment about them, which they say will be shown on Fox News at 9:00 tonight. The general idea is that the peace movement is growing, it's sophisticated, and it's a force to be reckoned with (or at least I hope that's the message -- you can never tell until the broadcast).

If you can help, write “radio spots” on your check and mail it today if possible so we can write new contracts with radio stations right away. Mail it to:

Los Alamos Study Group
212 East Marcy Street, Suite 10
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Donations are tax deductible. Or you can write “general support” on your check, and we will use it for our other disarmament programs.*

Through the generosity of key donors, we can match your check, so that each dollar you send is worth two to us -- each ad you pay for buys another one just like it.

Please join us in this effort if you can.
If you have questions please call Trish or myself at 265-1200.

In solidarity for peace,


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Action Alert #19 (2/04/03)
Various Ways to Oppose the War in Iraq


1. New anti-war billboards and radio spots -- help us with these if you can!

2. New web page of good Iraq war links and New Mexico connections

3. Bumper stickers available: help wanted to distribute them!

4. Renewed "Can-Paign" to close big local nuclear dump -- join us on the 14th at the State Capitol!

5. No War Demonstration: February 15, State Capitol, Santa Fe

6. Public discussion scheduled

7. To conserve resources, we are moving to home offices at the end of March

8. Hearty thanks to volunteers and donors

Dear friends --

We hope you are all working in various ways to strongly and publicly withdraw your support for the coming war. We list below some ways you can work with us to do that; doubtless you know a thousand more!

The main thing, we think here, is to let our anti-war views be known, and to make some real effort or sacrifice to place them in the public domain. Gandhi taught that the only measure of success in nonviolent action is the sacrifice involved, because it is sacrifice that reaches hearts.

The war and its sequellae will affect each of us personally. "Normal" is rapidly disappearing as an option. We find ourselves in a new era, one in which we must win our democracy again, or not.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Greg, Trish, Lydia Clark (who is that voice on the radio?), and volunteers



We have two newly-converted anti-war billboards on I-25 in Albuquerque, at Tramway and just south of Bernalillo, both visible to northbound traffic. Check them out at <>.

We need help to pay for them! If you can help, please send a check to the address at the bottom of this message. Each dollar pays for about a thousand billboard views. Just write "billboards" on your check.

If you want to use the images in your own protest work, please "steal" them from the web site or contact us for higher resolution images. (The "Do Unto Others" billboard was just adapted by Princeton students and faculty for a half-page anti-war ad.)


We have started radio ads against the war, more on faith than with a budget. We are now airing them on several stations in New Mexico -- you can hear the ad and see the list of stations at

<>. (In Netscape you may have to download the audio file first -- we are still working out a few glitches.) We'd love your financial help with these ads too, as we really didn't have these in our budget at all, but it's a real emergency. We are working to stop not just this war, but the NEXT war. We will have to pull the ads in about a week without listener support.

Each ad costs about $25, and will reach thousands of listeners. Please help us if you can. Write "radio ads" on your check.


Check out for useful links regarding the proposed war, both national and local. This web site is now changing almost every week. Check it out!


We have excellent "Close Los Alamos Nuclear Dump Now" and "No War" bumper stickers, among others, available for individuals and businesses. You can see them at <>, along with the businesses that now carry them. Thanks to the kindness of a semi-anonymous donor, green "No War" bumper stickers are available at no cost, at least until we run out.

We have found that many businesses welcome having a small stack or display of these bumper stickers, and our ability to disseminate them is limited only by the number of volunteers available to service retail outlets! Join us! Call 982-7747 to help if you can.


February 14th is PEACE & JUSTICEDAY at the NM Legislature. Come one, come all! We need your help recruiting signatures for our remaining 1,500 "Can-Paign" petition-cans, which request the governor to close the Los Alamos nuclear dump. There will be information tables from various organizations including us in the east alcove of the Capitol building. Call 982-7747 to help if you can.


On February 15th, "The World Says 'No!' to War on Iraq" rally will begin at noon at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. This is an international day of action, bring the whole family and march to the Plaza and back to the Roundhouse for Peace. For more information contact 989-4812.


On Wednesday, February 26th, at 7:00 pm, there will be a public presentation and discussion in the Community Room of the main Santa Fe Public Library, on a topic closely related to the war in Iraq and possibly also the evolving situation in North Korea. The precise topic will be announced the Friday prior. Watch this space!

We are now starting to have public meetings every other week, alternating between "working meetings" and public lectures/panel discussions. Stay tuned for more details!


Did you know our state was under attack by militant colonial forces? On June 2, 2002, the University of California filed a lawsuit in federal district court alleging that New Mexico cannot legally regulate wastes at Los Alamos if those wastes contain radioactive materials. A victory for UC would greatly harm the state's ability to protect its own citizens -- and set a dangerous precedent for other states. Kentucky has already lost a similar case. Where is Governor Richardson on this? Nobody knows. The Study Group analysis of this litigation, done by senior attorney Ruth Prokop, was recently picked up for circulation by the National Association of Attorneys General. Check it out at<>.


We can't really afford a staff (and therefore an office) right now, so we will probably be closing our office at 212 E. Marcy St. at the end of March. But we aren't going further than about a mile away --and we will be increasing our community events and outreach. Our phone number and email will remain the same, so we'll still be easy to reach.

9. THANK YOU TO ALL THE WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS who have made it possible for us to reach so many people in the past year. Just recently, a devoted cadre of folks has been setting up displays in stores, making radio ads, and generally having a good time here. Thank you! Oh -- I almost forgot. Bill Madison of Madison Vineyards and Winery in Ribera, has donated a billboard for six months to the anti-war cause. It’s north of here on I-25, near the Ribera exit, if you are headed that way. It should be up by mid-February. Thank you Bill and family!


^ back to top 2901 Summit Place NE Albuquerque, NM 87106, Phone: 505-265-1200, Fax: 505-265-1207