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September 27, 2011

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Bulletin #131: Q&A on proposed new plutonium warhead complex, tomorrow (Wed. 9/28/11), 8:00 am MDT on KSFR and streaming

Dear friends and colleagues --

Just a quick note to say that tomorrow morning at 8:00 am Mountain Time, the proposed new plutonium complex in Los Alamos, as discussed by yours truly, will be the subject of Mary Charlotte Domandi's Radio Cafe show on KSFR radio, broadcast at 101.1 FM and also streaming.  The show is also available by podcast

The Q & A format may be a good way for your or your friends to come up to speed on as many aspects of this dangerous nuclear boondoggle as we could fit in an hour.  Forward this email to them if you think they would be interested.  It's late notice but the best we could do. 

Businesses in northern New Mexico who are opposed to this facility are encouraged to call Rosamund, Trish, or I at 505-265-1200, or write Trish

There are some other interesting developments on this issue but it is best to leave them for another time! 

If you have not done so, please consider contributing to our efforts to prevent construction of this needless, destructive facility.  The tide has turned in our favor, but we are still a long way from home and the battle could be lost if we do not prosecute it fully.  Please help, and consider asking your friends to help.    

Best wishes,

Greg, Trish, and gang

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