Cleanup Reform Account

Accelerated Cleanup Proposal

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Environmental Restoration Project

Top-to-Bottom Crosswalk

(Aligned With Top-to-Bottom Recommendations)

Technical Approach/Strategy

Technical Approach/Strategy (continued)

Regulatory Approach/Strategy

Contracting Strategy

What is Different?

Los Alamos/Pueblo Canyons Watershed
(ERís Highest Priority Watershed)

TA-21, Manhattan Project-era
Plutonium Processing

TA 21 Comparison

Los Alamos County Lands

LA County Lands Comparison

Material Disposal Areas

MDA Comparison

Groundwater: Protection of Water Supplies

Groundwater: Protection of Water Supplies

Crosswalk Between Proposal and Expected Order

How We Get There

Key Assumptions

Los Alamos ER Proposal Summary