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Some of the best ways you can help stop nuclear weapons production before it starts!

  • sign up my business or organization to the Call for Nuclear Disarmament
  • recruit other businesses & organizations to join the Call for Nuclear Disarmament
  • host a small billboard at my home or business
  • host a Study Group speaker at my church, organization, or in my home
  • volunteer as a docent or organizer at the Study Group’s Los Alamos Disarmament Center
  • write letters to editors and recruit my friends to do the same

    My business or organization has signed the Call for Nuclear Disarmament. I want to get more involved by:
  • taking part in press events or in meetings with federal and elected officials
  • sponsoring print or radio ads that mention my business
  • approaching local jurisdictions to support disarmament/real security resolutions
  • joining in petitions for international intervention and inspections
  • supporting the Los Alamos Study Group and these programs financially

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