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An Appeal for Restraint in the Wake of Violence

To the New Mexico Congressional Delegation:

We, the undersigned, extend our deepest sympathy to the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11th.  We call on our elected leaders to respond with the utmost wisdom - and restraint - to these acts.  We must bring the guilty to justice, but we cannot kill innocent men, women, and children.  To do so would betray our deepest values.  Such a course of action could very easily draw us into a spiral of violence that would truly destroy our security, undercut our humanity, and damage our democracy far more than could any terrorist act.  To lure us into a vengeful response may well have been a goal of the attackers.  We must resist this temptation.  No terrorist attack from the outside, however severe, can destroy America.  Only a betrayal of our core values could do so.  For this reason we must also be especially careful to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans - especially Arab-Americans, who are now vulnerable to unwarranted accusation, discrimination, or worse.  We need to strengthen civil liberties, not abridge them.  If we wish to be a truly great democracy, secure from fear, we must have the courage to lead the world in the paths of justice, not those of violence.


Sign the Appeal for Restraint

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