Disarmament Petition


1. Disarmament petition launched; participation and help wanted! 

Nuclear weapons are by far the most destructive kind of weapon. The conscience of humanity recoils from them. Yet without a public registry of resistance here in New Mexico, our stifled silence is taken as enthusiastic support for these weapons and everything they stand for.

Why? Because 49% of U.S. nuclear weapons spending occurs in this state, making nuclear weapons New Mexico’s largest industry in dollar terms. They directly account for 6% of our state’s gross economic product -- a fraction 20 times greater than in any other state. Those of us who live here don’t need to imagine the political, moral, economic, and social ramifications. We live with them every day. Given the worsening facts on the ground, we need an enduring place to publicly register a firm No!, not just to this or that manifestation or symptom, but to nuclear weapons themselves. There will be no relief from the symptoms -- no end to the nuclear dumping, no cleanup of old dump sites, no economic or social renewal, and no real national security -- until our political leaders clearly understand that weapons of mass destruction are not legitimate in this or any society.

But who are our political leaders?

Friend, that’s where you and I come in. If we want nuclear disarmament, we must stand up and be counted. This petition, “New Mexicans Call for Nuclear Disarmament,” (http://www.lasg.org/Campaigns/DisarmamentPetition2.htm) is one place to do that.

You can sign up on-line, or print out a petition and mail it to us. We especially seek endorsements from businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations, and informal associations as well as from as many individuals as possible. Don’t worry if signing seems like a trivially small act. Do more, recruit more, but also do this. If we speak up, even by so small an act as signing this petition, we will inspire others to do so as well.

There are useful talking points in the accompanying brochure, <http://www.lasg.org/campaigns/DisarmamentBrochure.pdf>, which you can print out yourself or request from us.  This petition continues and extends the campaign to halt nuclear waste disposal in northern New Mexico, already endorsed by thousands of people and dozens of organizations (see <http://www.lasg.org/waste/area-g.htm>).

Please return all signed petitions to the main Study Group office (2901 Summit Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106). Contact us for more information, printed petitions, or brochures, to volunteer in this campaign (YES!), to schedule a speaker for your organization, church or school, or to help support this campaign financially or in other ways.

If you want to help, call us our office at 505-265-1200. We want to talk to you!

If you are a scientist or engineer, you also may be interested in signing the Scientist's and Engineers' Pledge to Renounce Weapons of Mass Destruction, at <http://www.lasg.org/what/pledge.htm>.

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