Iraqi children in Mosul


Iraqi children in the northern city of Mosul; their school (behind them) was bombed by the U.S. on 11/21/99.  The U.S. dropped a “concrete” bomb at 1:20pm, just moments before the 400 children were to be let out for an afternoon recess.  Dozens of students and teachers were wounded by the shrapnel.  According to the school principal: “There was an air-raid siren but we continued the lesson and never expected to be bombed because this was a residential area.  In spite of all this we are not afraid -- but the children will hate the American administration.  If children were outside they would have been killed by shrapnel -- only by the grace of God was this not another Al-Ameriyah.”

(Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace;; 1/16/2003)

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