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updated 05/19/10

Citizen Inspections have become a popular form of action, education, and opposition against weapons of mass destruction programs at home and abroad. Below are links to other groups and coalitions working as citizen inspectors. The diversity of groups is reflected in the diversity of models for citizen inspections. Some groups use citizen inspections as opportunities of protest, others take direct action to challenge government hypocrisy and the illegality of weapons proliferation. While the Los Alamos Study Group conceives of citizen inspections as legitimate fact finding missions carried out by citizens to document, educate, and open sites in the weapons complex to public scrutiny, we also find other definitions of citizen inspections highly effective in specific contexts. As each site in the global weapons complex exists in its own political and social context, there is no one singular kind of citizen inspection to carry out. Each locality and each inspector is free to contribute to societal verification through citizen inspections as they are best fit to do.

Abolition 2000's Citizen Weapons Inspections Working Group - "The Citizens Inspection Working Group (CIWG) is a working group of Abolition 2000 - a global network calling for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons as required by Article VI of the NPT. The CIWG seeks to expose the hypocrisy and the use of double standards by some NPT member states who condemn countries for possessing or trying to develop weapons of mass destruction(WMD) while they develop new lethal WMD and do nothing to honor their treaty obligations for disarmament."

Voor Moeder Aarde (For Mother Earth) A Belgian peace organization that has been leading citizens' inspections of overseas U.S. military bases like Kleine Brogel, believed to store US nuclear weapons. Visit the Bombspotting page to learn about For Mother Earth's inspections as well as authoritative information on how to conduct your own.

Western States Legal Foundation (WSLF) documentation on the citizens' inspection of US Strategic Command at Offut Air Force Base in Omaha Nebraska, USA, organized by Nebraskans for Peace, and led by Andrew Lichterman of WSLF, and Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group.

The Citizen Weapons Inspection Teams Project

The Polaris Institute's page on citizens' weapons inspections - "Why should we organize citizen weapons inspection teams? What role do they play in achieving our goals of nuclear disarmament?"

The Lawyer's Committee on Nuclear Policy - documentation on past inspections.

The Santa Cruz (CA) Weapons Inspection Team.

Working TV's site on the citizens' inspections of the Bangor Nuclear Submarine Base including video footage and other information.

The Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors - Based in the UK this organization has focused on the Fairford bomber base, home to the nuclear capable B-2 stealth aircraft.

Reclaim the Bases - a league of citizens' inspection teams in the UK.

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