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Meetings Wed 4/22 in Abq and SF, depending on interest

April 19, 2015

Dear friends --

This email is being sent to a small fraction of our regular lists. 

For various reasons we've had a hard time scheduling followup meetings to our March 19 and April 1 discussions in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  We've been swamped with work and sometimes key variables affecting whether we could meet could not be pinned down in time to send an invitation. 

This coming Wednesday, April 22, might be a good day to meet.  We propose meetings at 7:30 am at our office and at 5:30 pm in Santa Fe, location TBD, and hope that would be convenient to some of you.  We haven't been able to get to Taos and can't meet in Taos this month either. 

If these times and dates work for you please RSVP so we can go ahead and finalize these meetings on our respective calendars.  If either of these are not good times to meet we'd rather know sooner than later so that we don't waste anyone's time.  If people don't respond positively we will try again in two weeks or so.  I will be in Washington all next week. 

We will put out a Bulletin late tomorrow morning with some of our public work, so you may want to watch for that. 

At these meetings we want to talk specifically about outreach to religious leaders and other communities about the need to cultivate and support full-time work on the core crises facing our planet (and therefore any and all religious institutions), including but not specifically involving nuclear weapons (New Mexico's primary and particular contribution to global nihilism).  

We also want to discuss the local strategic implications of international disarmament developments, both as regards development of a treaty banning nuclear weapons and as regards current developments in the United Kingdom, which also affect us. 

As always, we want to hear your hopes and concerns.  We want these meetings to be safe places to share what often can't be said in other places.  A lot of people we know feel rather alone in their insights. 

To repeat somewhat, we the staff, and all of our core group, have been fairly swamped with responsibilities.  "We" need more full-time people to meet the challenges of our time -- in our own organization, and elsewhere.  Staffed positions are generally unaffordable everywhere and lead to dependence on questionable funding sources.  We at least can offer much more of value to the right persons. 

Very best wishes to all of you,

Greg and Trish

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