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Save the date: fundraiser for the Study Group: Sunday Nov 22 in Santa Fe

October 30, 2015

Dear friends –

(This note is going to a relatively small list of people, not our regular big list.  Write us if you want to be removed from this list -- or if you are changing email addresses!

Please save the date!  We will be having an important fundraising soirée in Santa Fe on Sunday afternoon and early evening, November 22!

I will put other news and announcement in a second email to keep this one simple.  More details will be forthcoming next week but we wanted to let you all know ASAP.

This is a good time to start thinking about people you know that might want to help us fight a new generation of nuclear weapons, with negative consequences for New Mexico.  We are encouraged by what we saw in DC last week well below the headline chaos, and believe that with your help we can succeed in halting expansion of warhead core production and nuclear waste processing at LANL.

Best wishes to everybody,


PS: We snapped this picture at a laboratory lobbying extravaganza in Washington last week (National Laboratory Day; for some reason they forgot our name tags so we wrote our own).  You can see some familiar faces.  The rapt attention shown by the entire Democratic part of the New Mexico delegation to nuclear weapons and their institutions is attention not going to the environment and the human goals of government.

We later met with Rep. Michelle Lujan-Grisham in her DC office and asked her to explain her vote in favor of the FY16 National Defense Authorization Act, which broke budget caps for the military alone and expanded the war slush fund ("Overseas Contingency Operations").  We did not get a coherent explanation, beyond wanting to appear eager to support military and nuclear interests in Albuquerque.  Obama has since vetoed the bill.  Presumably it will pass with minor adjustments now that the 2-year budget deal (which also increases military spending) has passed.

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