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LASG "Coffee Club" to open this Thursday and Friday

December 6, 2015

Dear friends --

Trish and I have decided to open the office for some laid-back, friendly discussions on current political topics and news twice a week.  We are aiming for a warm and supportive atmosphere, without particular preconceptions as to agenda, for now.  All those on these New Mexico lists are welcome.  Children are welcome as well. 

We will meet on:

Thursdays, from 7:30 to 9:00 am
Fridays, from 3:00 to 4:30 pm
There are three cats in the house, so if you are very allergic to cats the morning time might not work for you.  The afternoon meetings will be in the greenhouse in sunny weather, and better for you. 

We will serve healthy snacks as well as coffee and tea. 

We will not meet Christmas Eve and also not on Christmas Day, but yes, we will meet New Year's Eve and New Year's Day if anyone is interested.

We will not meet during the first week in January (i.e. on 1/7 and 1/8) but will pick up again the following week (1/14 and 1/15) with the same, or a modified (and announced) schedule. 

Your suggestions are meanwhile welcome, on the following topic.  We communicate daily with dozens of people -- members, activists, media, academics, government -- on a fairly wide range of issues but little of this gets to you, our local members, because a) communicating takes time and b) we are aiming at practical political action, not information for its own sake.  I am loathe to fatten the overall bandwidth of the Study Group, or yours, in the absence of such action.  This is a terrible problem overall.  Or does it mask an even worse one?  There is no right answer to communication technique if we cannot overcome our passivity relative to the real Crisis we face and the present, extremely fraught historical moment.  In comparison to the challenges before us we do not see much political activity going on in New Mexico.  Many of us would like to see more, but it ain't happening yet.  The usual suspects rule, and the usual outcomes can be expected.  This has long been a problem in New Mexico, but now it's a potentially fatal and acute problem for the planet, our country, our communities, our families, and our brother and sister animals and plants. 

For those of you who have sent contributions to support the Study Group's work, thank you so much We will be continuing our fundraising drive through the end of the year; you can donate in any of the usual ways (for more see my note of December 1): check, credit card, secure link on our web site, and more.

In other important local news, our friend Elaine Cimino has launched a Facebook page to bring together people (like us) who want to stop SandRidge Energy from drilling for oil in Rio Rancho Estates -- go there for much more information, news, and views.  There is a Planning and Zoning Committee meeting on the 10th in Bernalillo (at 1500 Idalia Rd. NE) to consider the proposal and make recommendations to the Sandoval County Commission.  Send your written comments by COB Monday to  This is a broad, as well as a narrow, educational opportunity for our communities, as I am sure you understand. 

We are always looking for volunteers and mature interns, whom we can pay and/or support in other ways if the situation warrants.  Communication and networking take time -- more time than we have -- as does in-depth research, which is more often than not a struggle for basic facts these days.  Not just reporters and editors but even government are flying blind these days.  Quality information, information which can be trusted in the right hands is very powerful. 

That's it for today.  Look for more in the coming days in the next Bulletin and on our blog

In solidarity,

Greg and Trish, for the Study Group

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