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Reminder: important meeting in Santa Fe 10/19 pm; more

Oct 9, 2016

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Dear friends --

As mentioned in Bulletin 222, we (Trish and Greg) are in New York, joining our board member Ray Acheson and many other colleagues from around the world this week at the UN, where the General Assembly is preparing, we hope, to call for negotiation of a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

It is a momentous debate. One hundred and twenty-seven pledged votes are in place, with others in play. We are here to help discredit the opposition from nuclear-armed states (here's a fun example from a country near you) and their weasel allies (definition, spectrometry). Non-nuclear countries are being pressured.

ICAN is posting live updates here. No doubt Ray and her colleagues will also issue updates in RCW's First Committee Monitor. Ray's opening editorial is a must-read.

This is the good news. Meanwhile we really have our hands full in the U.S., and in New Mexico.

Please come if you can to an important Study Group update and action planning meeting on Wednesday 10/19, 7:00 pm, Santa Fe, The Commons, 2300 West Alameda St. (map).

While progress at the UN is so far steady, the Obama Administration is preparing its final nuclear weapons plans and budgets, including plans for an expanded plutonium pit factory and production in Los Alamos, plus new nuclear-tipped missiles (of two kinds), new long-range bombers, new submarines, and new warheads, which (including deployment) comprise a trillion-dollar program. With your participation on the 19th, we will discuss our plans vis-a-vis all of this.

Thanks, everybody.


PS but important: As you know Positive Energy, as well as our friends at McCune Solar Works, are offering $500 to the Study Group for successful referrals that result in the purchase of a home or business PV system. These are both good companies that serve different parts of the market. Positive Energy is now offering the Study Group $100 up-front for every referral we provide that results in a consultation with a possible customer, with another $400 awarded to us upon completion of a system. Frankly, most homes and businesses in New Mexico should be running on solar power at this point. We didn't know how (relatively) easy it was until we bit the bullet. There are many ways to go solar. Those who rent have fewer options but if you have a good relationship with your landlord it may be time to start talking with him or her about solar power. We all need to start talking about the climate doom we face if we do not act decisively in all aspects of our economy and our lives.

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