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Reminder: breakfast discussion tomorrow at LASG World Headquarters, 7:30 am

December 30, 2015

Dear Albuquerque friends --

Just a reminder -- we have coffee (and scones, muffins and fruit AND conviviality) tomorrow morning, New Year's Eve, 7:30 am, at the Study Group office.

And there's another open house at 3:00 pm on Friday, New Year's Day, if you can't come tomorrow.

We can talk about whatever you like but I, Greg, also have a blunt question I'd like to talk about.  Is there any effective climate activism going on in Albuquerque?  In New Mexico?  If so, where and how?

I have not yet seen any serious agenda from any group as yet, or any candidate, let alone an action or organizing plan we could get behind.  But I might not see such a thing.

Wait, there is Citizens Climate Lobby.  We just sent them a small check.  It's something anyway, along with this endorsement.  There's also our friends at New Energy Economy, who have lately been fighting against corruption on the PRC among other good work.  But what is the plan, actually?

By serious, I mean something aimed at fairly rapid change in this decade -- and not, say, substituting methane for some coal, which is probably a negative substitution as far as the climate is concerned (for reasons I would be happy to explain).

If we are going to make any sort of transition we had better get moving.  Real capital (as opposed to money-as-electronic-cyphers) is limited, and so is time.

If there is no such activism or only a little, what should be done?  What are the productive approaches?  Can we help other organizations, and if so how?  Shouldn't we be talking about this?

And do you think we can prevent catastrophic climate change, and heal our fracturing and anguished society, while pursuing world domination with our vast military and Wehrwirtschaft?

Happy New Year to all,

Greg and Trish

PS: We are looking for volunteers, and interns.  We have a good program here, but we could use help.  Let's talk about it.

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