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Reminder: Briefing and discussion Wed May 13, 5:30 pm (RSVP) (Fun! And seriously hopeful.)

May 11, 2015

Dear friends --

This is a reminder of the Study Group briefing and planning discussion on Wednesday, May 13 at 5:30 pmDon't forget to RSVP!  We're just sending this invitation to a few dozen people in Santa Fe so we can meet and plan most effectively.  When you call or write we will tell you where the meeting will be, a lovely converted private east-side home.

This is a very important meeting for the Study Group, and I think you will find it especially interesting and hopeful.  We really hope you will come.

For more details and some ruminations on strategy see the preceding 5/4 email.  We'd like to unveil some of our plans, ask for help in various ways -- and, mostly separate from what we can do in the Study Group without more staff, describe some fruitful and supportive organizing paths others can take.  We know they work because we've done them ourselves, in Amarillo, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque.

We want to tell you about the steady progress on the international disarmament front these days, though that progress is like pulling (nuclear) teeth (from the mouths of the nuclear weapon states).  The best news is that a lot of countries -- 84 as of now, and we are hoping for 100 by two weeks from now -- have joined with Austria in wanting to discuss banning nuclear weapons with or without the participation of the nuclear weapon states.

More good news is that Scotland is now largely politically united behind a party, the Scottish National Party, that puts ridding Scotland of Trident as one of its top three political demands.  Ending austerity is another.  The third is more independence for Scotland.  Altogether a major headache for Cameron.

I have just returned from a week in Washington, meeting with high officials, congressional staff, and long-time colleagues.  I can report that the situation on nuclear policy is rather bleak overall, though not without glimmers of sanity.  Even in Washington reality does intrude, chiefly in its fiscal form.

We'll have slides in the presentational part of this little get-together, and healthy snacks.  The Albuquerque Study Group chapter got part of the briefing last week, in beta form.  You'll be the beneficiary of last week's talk and discussion.

In one way or another, a ban on nuclear weapons is coming on strong.  What does that mean for Santa Fe?  How can you help us bring it about?  This is difficult to wrap our heads around but it is part and parcel of the revolutionary change we need.  New Mexico has, as far as I can tell, more warheads and bombs here than in any other state or place in the world.  But they are generally illegal under international law, and getting more unpopular month by month and year by year.

Very best wishes to everybody,

Greg, Trish, and the gang

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