TA-64 Contents


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Brief description of activities (LANL; 1997)*
Detailed map, including potential release sites (LANL; 2000)**
More details, including facility hazards (LANL; 1997)*
-----other facility maps & hazard locations (LANL; 1997)*
Material disposal areas (under construction)
Canyon bottoms and flood plains and (under construction)
Photo gallery (under construction)
Additional information (under construction)

References and acronyms from LA-UR-97-4275*

* Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement Project Office, 1997, Description of Technical Areas and Facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory, LA-UR-97-4275. Approved for public release and unlimited distribution.

**LANL, Facility for Information, Management, Analysis and Display (FIMAD), June 2000, Plot IDs 108760-108765. Courtesy Department of Energy and LANL.