There is no detailed map available for TA-31

PRS Erosion Matrix Score Assessment Date Structure Mesa Top Bench Canyon Floor Channel Topography Explanation Ground Explanation Slope Explanation Runoff Evidence Channelized Channel Description Runoff Wetland Runoff Other Terminus Explanation Runoff Explanation Structure Run-On Structure Explanation NPDES Run-On NPDES Explanation Natural Run-On Natural Run-On Explanation ESH-18 Representative BMP Prescription BMP Description Not BMPs Sediment Comments
31-001 18.8 9/16/1997   NO YES NO NO At edge of mesa top on south side of Pueblo Canyon.  Septic system outfall.  PRS boundary extends to bench beyond canyon edge. Heavy ground cover.   NO NO           NO   NO   YES Sheet flow down slope from surrounding area. T. Lemke     NO Vegetation and natural BMPs in place.