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PRS Erosion Matrix Score Assessment Date Structure Mesa Top Bench Canyon Floor Channel Topography Explanation Ground Explanation Slope Explanation Runoff Evidence Channelized Channel Description Runoff Wetland Runoff Other Terminus Explanation Runoff Explanation Structure Run-On Structure Explanation NPDES Run-On NPDES Explanation Natural Run-On Natural Run-On Explanation ESH-18 Representative BMP Prescription BMP Description Not BMPs Sediment Comments
72-001 84.3 7/29/1998 72-39 NO NO NO YES Arroyo of canyon passes through firing range. Arroyo sandy, no cover.  Surrounding areas thick grass cover. Canyon floor flat, streambed tends to meander across area, so berms with "Jersey barrier" cores have been constructed to divert runoff away from canopies. YES YES Natural arroyo.  Width varies from 10-30 feet.  However, the channel height has increased over time due to stream channel containments so the channel tends to break out carrying sand into grassy areas.     Flows heavy significant sand movement in storm events. Not really a gully but major sediment transport. NO   NO   YES Flow in arroyo greatly influenced by parking lots in TA-53.  According to Steve Rivera Firing Site Operator, it only flows during intense storms. D. Mays   Earth berms with "Jersey barrier" core to divert stream channel from structures and firing range.  No maintenance required due to mass of Jersey barriers, installed 1998. NO Unusual site - flat with a lot of soil movement.  Dikes built to protect structures rather than control sediment transport.