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March 1998 2 5 9 TA and Facilities Descriptions

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March 1998 2 6 0 TA and Facilities Descriptions
March 1998 2 6 1 TA and Facilities Descriptions

ANSI American National Standards Institute
CAI Controlled-air incinerator
CHEM (Hazardous) chemical source
CMR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (Facility)
DARHT Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test (Facility)
D&D Decontamination and decommissioning
DoD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
DOT Department of Transportation
DU Depleted uranium
ENS (Hazardous) energy source
ENV (Hazardous) environmental source
ESH Environment, Safety, and Health (Division)
ES&H Environment, safety, and health
FSS Facilities, Security, and Safeguards (Division)
H High
HE High explosives
HEPA High-efficiency particulate air (filter)
HR Human Resources (Division)
HRL Health Research Laboratory
HVAC Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
JCINNM Johnson Controls, Inc., of Northern New Mexico
L Low
LACEF Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LANSCE Los Alamos Neutron Science Center
L/CHEM Low-level chemical (hazard category)
LEDA Low-energy-demonstration accelerator
L/ENS Low-level energy source (hazard category)
L/ENV Low-level environmental (hazard category)
LLW Low-level waste
LPSS Long-pulse spallation source
L/RAD Low-level radioactive (hazard category)
M Moderate
M/CHEM Moderate-level chemical (hazard category)
M/RAD Moderate-level radioactive (hazard category)
MSL Material Sciences Laboratory
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NDA Nondestructive assay
NHMFL National High-Magnetic-Field Laboratory
NMED New Mexico Environment Department
OSR Operational safety guide
PCB Polychlorinated biphenyl
PHERMEX Pulsed High-Energy Radiographic Machine Emitting X-Rays
PIXY Pulsed intense x-ray
RAMROD Radioactive materials research, operations, and demonstration
RANT Radioassay and nondestructive testing
R&D Research and development
REACT Research and Education Automatically Controlled Telescope
RLWTF Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility
March 1998 2 6 2 TA and Facilities Descriptions
ROTSE Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment
SNM Special nuclear material
STD Standard
TA Technical area
TFF Target Fabrication Facility
TGCS Tritium gas cleanup system
TGHS Tritium-gas-handling system
TRU Transuranic waste
TSFF Tritium Science and Fabrication Facility
TSTA Tritium systems test assembly
TWISP TRU Waste Inspectable Storage Project
WCRRF Waste Characterization, Reduction, and Repackaging Facility
WETF Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility
WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
WM Waste management
WNR Weapons neutron research