TA-11 Brief Description

4.8.1 Site Description
TA-11 [Table 4-6 and Figure 4-8 (index map of TA-11)] is the location of the Laboratory’s environmental
testing facilities. TA-11 is a remote site accessed only through the HE area at TA-16
(S Site) via the K Site Road. Access to TA-16, and hence to TA-11, is controlled for security and
safety purposes.

4.8.2 Facilities Description
Activities at TA-11 involve testing explosives and other material components and systems, which
includes vibration analysis and drop testing under a variety of extreme physical environments.
The facilities are arranged so that testing may be controlled and observed remotely, allowing devices
that contain explosives, radioactive materials, and nonhazardous materials to be tested and
observed safely. Components and assemblies undergo vibration, shock, and thermal testing in
these facilities, the only such facilities available at Los Alamos. The facilities contain two electrodynamics
shakers; the hangar has a 36,000-lb force capacity. Tests can be done vertically and horizontally.
Data acquisition equipment for up to 100 channels of accelerometer signals is available,
as well as equipment for performing model tests. Drop impact testing machines and an outdoor
150-ft- (46-m-) high drop tower are used in shock tests. A burn pit (tank) is available for fuel fire



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