TA-14 Brief Description

4.9.1 Site Description
TA-14 [Table 4-7 and Figure 4-9 (index map of TA-14)], which is used for HE testing, is one of five
major firing areas at the Laboratory. The site is used for remote operations involving detonation,
certain types of HE machining, permitted incineration, and novel, potentially dangerous operations.
The site’s major use is testing HE in quantities that exceed safe limits for indoor laboratories.
Standard operations consist of various tests on small explosives charges to investigate fragmentation
impact, explosives sensitivity, thermal responses, and destruction of HE and HE-contaminated
waste generated during these operations. The site is patrolled, and access to the site
is controlled. No offices are located at the site, and personnel are present only during testing.

4.9.2 Facilities Description
TA-14 contains 14 structures and 5 firing mounds, most of which are part of what is known as the
Outdoor Chemical Laboratory. Most operations conducted here consist of testing new high explosives
for performance and sensitivity and include destroying HE and HE-contaminated waste
generated during testing.


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