TA-16 Brief Description

4.11.1 Site Description
TA-16 [Table 4-9 and Figure 4-11 (index map of TA-16)] is the location of extensive HE facilities
and the Laboratory’s state-of-the-art tritium facility. HE activities that take place at TA-16 are developing
and testing HE, plastics, and adhesives and conducting research in process development
for manufacturing items that use these and other materials. Tritium activities include repackaging
tritium, chemical purification of 3He, mixing tritium with other gases, analyzing gas mixtures, repackaging
tritium to user-specified pressures, reclaiming tritium, and conducting applied R&D for boost

4.11.2 Facilities Description
Seventy-eight HE-processing buildings at TA-16 provide 280,000 ft2 (85,344 m2) of space. The
research, development, and testing capabilities provided at these facilities include large-scale HE
processing; manufacturing HE powders; casting, machining, and pressing HE components; inspection
and radiography of HE components to guarantee integrity and ensure quality control for
design intent; hydrotesting and assembling test devices; and chemical analysis of HE. Some of
these buildings are used for storing SNM and for storing, treating, and disposing of HE. Two
buildings are currently being used for tritium operations. An additional building is being modified
for tritium work at TA-16.



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