TA-22 Brief Description

4.14.1 Site Description
Scientists at TA-22 [Table 4-12 and Figure 4-14 (index map of TA-22)] conduct research into,
develop, and fabricate high-energy detonators and related devices. Detonators, cables, and firing
systems for tests at local firing sites and at the Nevada Test Site are built here. Detonator
qualification and other detonator tests are conducted at an adjacent firing site. Detonation system
components built by DOE contractors and production and surveillance of components produced
for war reserve detonation systems undergo quality assurance checks at this site.
A guard station controls access to the fenced TA-22 site. DOE clearance and a badge or personal
escort by cleared personnel are required for entry. Building access rules require that visitors sign
in and out with the receptionist.

4.14.2 Facilities Description
The buildings and structures at TA-22 compose a facility called the Explosives Detonator Facility.
Major functional areas are the Detonation Systems Laboratory, the Advanced Development Laboratory,
and peripheral buildings that house an electronics laboratory and storage magazines. Capabilities
include detonator design; printed circuit manufacture; metal deposition and joining; plastic
materials technology; explosives loading; initiation; diagnostics; lasers; and safety of explosives
systems design, development, and manufacture.
Worker and environmental protection is provided by secondary containment around machinery
and storage tanks; reinforced-concrete construction of explosives building; and remote locations
and barricades for explosives areas to minimize risk to personnel, exclusion areas, interlocks, and
automatic sprinkler systems.


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