TA-2 More Details Facility Hazard Categories
Table 4-2 identifies the facilities in TA-2 that fall into a facility hazard category because of the type of operations performed in the facility. Nuclear Facility Hazard Categories
No buildings at TA-2 are currently categorized as nuclear. Part of the process of putting the reactor into safe shutdown was removing the fuel elements from the reactor. These elements were moved to the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (CMR) Building, Wing 9 (TA-3-29), to await shipment to a long-term storage facility. Non-Nuclear Facility Hazard Categories
Since 1994 when all of the fuel elements were removed, the reactor has been downgraded from a Hazard Category 3 nuclear facility to L/RAD (Figure 4-2, Sheet 1). Although all nuclear materials have been removed, the facility is categorized as L/RAD because of the possibility that radioactive contamination remains. Buildings 4, 44, and 50 (two storage buildings and a cooling system building, respectively) are also categorized L/RAD. Nonhazardous Facilities
Support facilities at the site include a guard tower (Building 69) and equipment buildings (Buildings 21, 57, and 63). These facilities are not considered to contain any unusual hazards.



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