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March 1998 1 0 4 TA and Facilities Descriptions Facility Hazard Categories
Table 4-14 identifies the facilities at TA-33 that fall into a facility hazard category because of the
type of operations performed in the facility. Nuclear Facility Hazard Categories
The old High-Pressure Tritium Laboratory (Building 86), which is being decommissioned, is categorized
a Hazard Category 3 nuclear facility because of tritium contamination. The laboratory was
constructed in the early 1950s to house tritium-related activities for the Nuclear Weapons Program.
The primary capabilities located in this facility were preparing and packaging tritium-containing
gas mixtures to meet precise experimental specifications. Programmatic operations were suspended
in October 1990. The accountable tritium inventory has been transferred from Building
86, equipment has been moved to satellite storage, and the facility remains in safe-shutdown
mode pending approval and funding to proceed with D&D. The operations that used to be conducted
at Building 86 have been moved to the WETF at TA-16 (Section Non-Nuclear Facility Hazard Categories
Three buildings (Buildings 19, 95, and 114) are categorized L/ENS because of the presence of
Class 4 lasers and high-voltage equipment. Nonhazardous Facilities
Eighty-seven administrative/technical, experimental science, and physical support buildings and
structures at TA-33 are considered nonhazardous. The majority of the buildings and structures at
TA-33 provide physical support and infrastructure.


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