TA-40 More Details Facility Hazard Categories
Table 4-19 identifies the facilities at TA-40 that fall into a facility hazard category because of the
type of operations performed in the facility. Nuclear Facility Hazard Categories
No buildings at TA-40 have been categorized as nuclear facilities. Non-Nuclear Facility Hazard Categories
Twenty-two buildings at TA-40 have been categorized as L/ENS because of their use in explosives
testing. The explosives-testing facilities at TA-40 have been designed to protect onsite
personnel, the public, and the environment. The firing sites consist of a steel, concrete, and
earthen pad for the explosives, and a small fortified structure to protect the operator and instrumentation.
The magazines are small, reinforced-concrete structures, whose capacities for storing
explosives range from 397 to 2,646 lb (180 to 1,200 kg). The rooms in which the explosives are
prepared for tests are reinforced-concrete structures. Nonhazardous Facilities
The eight nonhazardous buildings at TA-40 are an office building, a storage building, and six
miscellaneous structures.


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