TA-41 Brief Description

4.22.1 Site Description
TA-41 [Table 4-20 and Figure 4-22 (index map of TA-41)] encompasses approximately 40 acres
(16.2 ha) in Los Alamos Canyon and contains three major interrelated structures: an office
building, a laboratory/office building, and an underground nuclear materials storage vault. TA-41
contains approximately 42,055 ft2 (12,818 m2) of usable floor space. Built in the 1950s to house
tritium work, TA-41 is currently used for a variety of administrative/technical activities and nontritium
research and development activities. All nuclear material had been removed from TA-41 by

4.22.2 Facilities Description
Over the approximately 40 years that TA-41 was used for work involving tritium, the facilities provided
capability for the research and development of weapons subsystems (boost systems).
These capabilities included high-pressure testing, leak testing, precision volume measurement,
and testing prototype and war reserve boost systems with and without tritium. Computer-aided
design/manufacture facilities onsite were used to design hardware. Mechanical fabrication and
assembly of prototype and war-reserve-like components were possible. Long-term environmental
storage of prototype and war reserve boost systems with and without tritium were available.
Some of these capabilities continue to be used in testing without tritium.


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