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March 1998 1 4 0 TA and Facilities Descriptions Facility Hazard Categories
Table 4-20 identifies the facilities at TA-41 that fall into a facility hazard category because of the
type of operations performed in the facility. Nuclear Facility Hazard Categories
Although no buildings at TA-41 are currently categorized as nuclear facilities, two buildings were
categorized as nuclear facilities until 1994: the Laboratory portion of Building 4 and the vault
(Building 1). Non-Nuclear Facilities Hazard Categories Building Categorized M/RAD

Building 4 is currently categorized M/RAD because of plutonium and tritium residues from past
operations. Building 4 is equipped with gloveboxes and a tritium-piping system. Tritium was
collected on—and recovered from—metal tritride getters and molecular sieve beds. Scrubbed
exhaust was vented to the stack. Building Categorized L/RAD
Building 1, the underground storage vault, is categorized L/RAD because it contains plutonium
and tritium residues. Although no special nuclear materials are stored in the vault, the building
continues to be used as a secure storage area.
March 1998 1 4 1 TA and Facilities Descriptions Building Categorized L/CHEM
Building 7, which contains a chlorine storage tank, is categorized as L/CHEM. Nonhazardous Facilities
The office and light laboratory portion of Building 4, another office building (Building 30), and the
rest of the support facilities that make up the structures at the TA are considered to be nonhazardous.


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