TA-46 Brief Description

4.24.1 Site Description
TA-46 [Table 4-22 and Figure 4-24 (index map of TA-46)] is one of the Laboratory’s basic research
sites. Over the years, the operations at this site have focused on applied photochemistry operations
and have included development of technologies for laser isotope separation and laser enhancement
of chemical processes. The Sanitary Wastewater Consolidation System is located at
the east end of this site.

4.24.2 Facilities Description
Because TA-46 is one of the Laboratory’s basic research sites, research activities can change frequently.
The description of the activities that follows for the various buildings in which research is
conducted represents information from the early part of the 1990s. Although it can be expected
that similar types of operations occur there currently, such assumptions should be verified.



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