TA-61 Brief Description

4.37.1 Site Description
TA-61 [Figure 4-37 (index map of TA-61)] is a relatively small site that contains physical support
and infrastructure facilities. It contains 9 facilities, all designated nonhazardous, which include the
sanitary landfill, sewer pump stations, computer model shop, general storage sheds, blower
house, and general warehouse storage for maintenance activities performed throughout the Laboratory.
The sanitary landfill (Figure 4-37, Sheet 1) occupies most of TA-61. Its main purpose is to serve as
a permanent repository for nontoxic waste—radionuclides and toxic chemical wastes are not accepted
at the landfill. Although significant environmental impacts could be associated with the
landfill, there appears to be little or no opportunity for accidents that would cause unusual impacts
either on- or offsite. The sanitary landfill is operated by the County of Los Alamos.
In cooperation with the county, the Laboratory has installed radiological monitoring equipment to
ensure that any radioactive materials that might get into any waste going to the landfill are identified
by alarm.


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