TA-64 Brief Description

4.40.1 Site Description
TA-64 [Figure 4-40 (index map of TA-64 and Sheet 1)] is the site of the Central Guard Facility,
which is operated by the Laboratory’s subcontractor for security (currently, Protection Technology
of Los Alamos). This facility’s primary function is housing the subcontractor’s administrative offices.
In addition, 26 other structures are located at TA-64, all of which are categorized as nonhazardous.
When this TA was originally set up, the guard facility, some storage sheds, and several water tanks
were already present. Today, the site also provides office and storage space for the Laboratory’s
Hazardous Materials Response Team (Buildings 39 and 43). The remaining facilities consist of
trailers, transportainers, sheds, and military shelters used for general storage by the Laboratory
and Protection Technology of Los Alamos.


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