TA-72 Brief Description

4.47.1 Site Description
TA-72, also known as the Target Range [Table 4-29 and Figure 4-47 (index map of TA-72)], is located
on the north side of East Jemez Road. TA-72 is the site of the Laboratory’s Live Firing
Range. Protective force personnel use the site for required training.

4.47.2 Facilities Description
The Live Firing Range comprises an administrative/training area; a skeet range; Ranges 1, 2, 3,
and 4; a tower; bullet impact berms; and a storage magazine. Safety and protection systems in
place at the firing range include range orientation, bullet impact berms, filled-cinder-block safety
walls, bullet-retardant canopies and baffles, limit-of-fire markers, flashing warning lights when live
firing is in progress, and a communication system for coordinating firing times and target changing
on the ranges.


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