TA-73 Brief Description

4.48.1 Site Description
TA-73 [Table 4-30 and Figure 4-48 (index map of TA-73)], the Los Alamos Airport, consists of
83.2 acres (33.7 ha) along the northern boundary of the Laboratory adjacent to Highway 502
(East Road). DOE owns the airport, and the County of Los Alamos manages, operates, and maintains
it under a leasing arrangement with the DOE. Use of the airport by private individuals is permitted
with special restrictions. The airport is required to comply with Federal Aviation Administration
requirements governing security, airspace, and aircraft safety. TA-73 also includes DOE-controlled
land that is not part of the airport.

4.48.2 Facilities Description
The airport (Figure 4-48, Sheet 1) has a single runway and several partial parallel taxiways, connectors,
and parking aprons. There are 72 aircraft parking positions, including T-hangars, one
two-aircraft hangar, aprons, and tie-down positions. A one-story terminal building contains offices,
a service counter, dispatch area, car rental counter, and a waiting area. Other structures include a
government storage building not associated with the airport and a fuel pump and storage tank
owned by a pilots’ cooperative. All aviation-related buildings and aircraft storage hangars are located
on the north side of the airport. Building 4 is the airport fire station. Although fire protection
is provided by the Los Alamos County Fire Department, the building is owned by the DOE. The
rest of the TA is more or less vacant land (Figure 4-48, Sheet 2), except for some physical support
facilities that are part of the Laboratory and county water system.


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