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22 March 2005

The Sleep of Reason: Atoms for Peace and War

A Panel Discussion

Nuclear power, nuclear weapons – what are the common technologies?

To answer that question and more, the Los Alamos Study Group and the Campus Greens are sponsoring two panel discussions: The Sleep of Reason: Atoms for Peace and War.

Where: University of New Mexico Student Union Building (SUB), Ballroom C

When:  March 28, 2005 - 7 pm to 9 pm


Where: Cloud Cliff Bakery,  1805 2nd Street in Santa Fe

When:    March 29 2005 - 7pm to 9pm

Who: David Bacon, Rose Gardner and Greg Mello

Nuclear power and nuclear weapons share many technologies; at what point to they diverge?  Does nuclear power threaten democracy?  Can the peaceful and the military atoms be separated and, if so, how?  At what point does a nuclear power infrastructure imply the capability to make nuclear weapons?   Can governments ensure the security of nuclear power plants?  What are the paths nuclear proliferators have taken, and what are the prospects for control?

The panel includes David Bacon – energy activist and former Green Party Candidate for Governor, Greg Mello – Director of the Los Alamos Study Group and special guest Rose Gardner - with the Citizens Nuclear Information Center of Hobbs, New Mexico, who will report on the efforts of a multi-national consortium to build what it calls the “National Enrichment Facility” near Eunice, NM.

The panel discussion will be introduced and moderated by Peter Neils - board member of the Los Alamos Study Group who will introduce the evening with a set of songs with a nuclear theme.

For more information contact the Los Alamos Study Group at 505.265.1200 and visit our website at

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