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Sandia National Laboratory - Hazardous Facilities Index (by type)1
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Manufacturing, R&D Laboratories, And Testing Facilities
Neutron Generator Facility (NGF)
Microelectronics Development Laboratory (MDL)
Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory (AMPL)
Integrated Materials Research Laboratory (IMRL)
Explosive Components Facility (ECF)

Physical Testing And Simulation Facilities
Terminal Ballistics Complex
Drop/Impact Complex
Sled Track Complex
Centrifuge Complex

Accelerator Facilities
SATURN Accelerator
High-Energy Radiation Megavolt Electron Source III (HERMES III)
Sandia Accelerator & Beam Research Experiment (SABRE)
Short-Pulse High Intensity Nanosecond X-Radiator (SPHINX)
Repetitive High Energy Pulsed-Power Unit I (RHEPP I)
Repetitive High Energy Pulsed-Power Unit II (RHEPP II)
Tera-Electron Volt Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator (TESLA)
Advanced Pulsed-Power Research Module Accelerator (APPRM)
Radiographic Integrated Test Stand (RITS)

Reactor Facilities
New Gamma Irradiation Facility (NGIF)
Gamma Irradiation Facility (GIF)
Sandia Pulsed Reactor (SPR)
Annular Core Research Reactor (ACRR)-Defense Programs (DP) Configuration
Annular Core Research Reactor (ACRR)-Medical Isotopes Production Configuration
Hot Cell Facility (HCF)

Outdoor Test Facilities
Containment Technology Test Facility-West
Explosives Applications Laboratory (EAL)
Aerial Cable Facility
Lurance Canyon Burn Site
Thunder Range Complex

Selected Infrastructure Facilities
Steam Plant
Hazardous Waste Management Facility (HWMF)
Radioactive and Mixed Waste Management Facility (RMWMF)
Thermal Treatment Facility (TTF)

1. U.S. Department of Energy, DOE/EIS-0281, April 1999, Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico, Draft Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement,

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