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Y-12 complex
SITE DESCRIPTION - NNSA FY2005 Congressional Budget Request (638-641)

The Y-12 current and future missions are consistent with the Records of Decision for the Disposition of Surplus Highly Enriched Uranium Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of July 29, 1996, the Stockpile Stewardship and Management Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) of December 19, 1996, and the Storage and Disposition of Surplus, Weapons Usable Fissile Materials PEIS of January 14, 1997.

BWXT Y-12, L.L.C. was awarded the contract for management and operation of the site November 1, 2000.


Directed Stockpile Work (DSW)
The Y-12 Complex maintains the only capability in the U.S. to fabricate precision parts and components (from certain materials) for nuclear weapons. Every nuclear weapon produced in the U.S. has components that were fabricated at Y-12. Y-12 is also involved in the evaluation of components and subsystems returned from the stockpile, the dismantlement of secondaries, and the processing of recovered special nuclear materials. The Complex is currently in the fourth year of a 4½-year effort, supporting the refurbishment of the W87 Life Extension Program (LEP). Planning is also underway to support future LEPs, such as the B61 First Production Unit (FPU) currently scheduled for February 2006 (Y-12)/June 2006 (Complex) and the W76 currently scheduled for March 2007 (Y-12)/September 2007 (Complex).

Significant FY 2005 activities include: process prove-in for the B61, preparation for the W76 FPU, and continuation of evaluation and dismantlement activities.

Science Campaign
Planned FY 2005 projects include: evaluate material properties for ceramics, evaluate historical information on U-6Nb and Enriched Uranium (EU) properties and determine material properties, and evaluate effect of proposed process changes on Fogbank material properties.

Engineering Campaign
Planned FY 2005 projects include: developing weapon specific aging models, evaluation and process development for non-destructive laser gas sampling system and enhanced low-temperature thermal decomposition system, evaluate corrosion mechanisms for metals of interest, and continue special material characterization.

Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASCI) Campaign
Planned FY 2005 projects include: integrated monitoring of Y-12 application availability and network performance, and inter-network infrastructure to support data accessibility.

Readiness Campaign
Planned FY 2005 projects include: Zone Refining, Enclosed Hazardous Material Processing, Chip and Coolant, Alternate Feed Study, Sensors for Holdup, IR Heating of Uranium, Manufacturing Engineering Integrated Desktop, Agile Machine Tool, Materials Knowledge Repository, Casting Process Science Basis, and Advanced Metrology Platform.

Readiness in Technical Base and Facilities (RTBF)
Key activities in FY 2005 include the continued safe operation of the major Y-12 production facilities and preparation for material transfer to the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility (HEUMF) when completed. In addition, the Purification Facility Construction project is currently underway at Y-12 and the Beryllium Capability project begins design in FY 2004 and construction in FY 2006.

Facilities and Infrastructure Recapitalization Program (FIRP)
Through the FIRP activities, Y-12 has been able to establish a strong deferred maintenance reduction program that is focused on supporting DSW and three major campaign activities: Enhanced Surveillance, Stockpile Readiness, and Advanced Design and Production Technologies (ADAPT). FIRP projects include the purchase and installation of new building dehumidification units that, in turn, support the disassembly and study of weapon components (stockpile evaluation). In addition, FIRP is replacing deteriorated natural gas lines supplying stockpile maintenance activities. Significant investments have also been made in roof repairs that are tied to ongoing production activities (joint test assemblies, component dismantling activities, and refurbishments of nuclear weapon systems) and in replacing two 1940-vintage transformers that were a weak link in the electrical distribution system supporting these mission activities. The key for each of these projects is their direct link to the NNSA Stockpile Stewardship Program.

Y-12 has made significant and impressive progress in the demolition of excess facilities and has demolished over 400,000 gross square feet of facilities no longer needed. Y-12 is also starting the planning and execution of five Line Item projects that address the most demanding utility issues at Y-12 [Compressed Air Upgrade (design start in FY 2004; construction in FY 2005), Steam Plant Life Extension (design start in FY 2005), potable water, electrical distribution, and utility distribution systems) and represent an investment of about $150 m over the next 7 years. FIRP also has initiated the complex-wide Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) to establish and implement a corporate approach for the management of NNSA’s roofing assets, which is expected to result in improved cost efficiencies, improved quality of life extension of NNSA’s roofing assets, consistent approach and common standards for optimal roofing repairs and replacement, and additional deferred maintenance reduction.

Safeguards and Security
The plant has developed a Design Basis Threat (DBT) Implementation Plan to address new DBT protection requirements. In FY 2005-2009, Y-12 Plant will hire additional Security Police Officers. In FY 2005, the plant will begin a two-year effort that provides centralized computer management to control the use and application of personnel computers through a master network. As part of the National Threat Level Alert System, the plant may occasionally have to implement additional compensatory security measures. These periods of heightened security require an increased expenditure of funds and use of resources.


Fissile Materials Disposition
Y-12 serves as the lead for all surplus highly enriched uranium (HEU) disposition activities through the HEU Disposition Program Office. Y-12 is also providing storage for surplus HEU pending disposition via shipment to the U.S. Enrichment Corporation/ Tennessee Valley Authority (USEC/TVA).

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