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Los Alamos National Laboratory & Department of Energy Archives
Plutonium Hydrotesting at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Downloadable PDFs:
  1. Discussion of M-4 Confinement Vessel History and Recommendation for Materials for DARHT Vessels, Niels R. Borch, J-6, to Cary Skidmore, M-4, MS P942, LANL Memo, 4/7/1990.

  2. GMX-4 PU Confinement Shot, Robert Martin, General Monitoring Section, H-1 to Lester M. Baggett, Group Leader, GMX-4, Carl Buckland, Leader General Monitoring Section, H-1, and Dean D. Meyer, Group Leader H-1, LANL Memo, 4/20/1972.

  3. History of Selection of HSLA-100 for Confinement Vessels, Niels R. Borch, to Jay Boetnner, DX-DO, MS P915, Val Hart, DX-5, MS 942, LANL Memo, 7/23/96.

  4. Performance Assurance System for the Design, Procurement, and Acceptance of LANL Confinement Vessels Designated as Safety Class, Department of Energy, 6/9/97. (Pages 1-2, 4-6)

  5. Plutonium Hazard Evaluation for GMX-11 Confinement Experiments, Roland A. Jalbert, H-1 to Dean D. Meyer, Group Leader, H-1, LANL Memo, 1/22/1970.

  6. Plutonium Explosive Dispersal Modeling Using the MACCS2 Computer Code, Department of Energy, Los Alamos Area Office, C. M. Steele, T. L. Wald, and D. I. Chanin, 5/97 (Cover page only; obtain full document from DOE)

  7. Plutonium Phermex Test, D. P. MacDougall, LANL Memo, 10/19/1973.

  8. Summary of Environmental Impacts from the Classified Supplement for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test Facility, Department of Energy, Los Alamos Area Office, May 1995.

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