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Plutonium Hydrotesting at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Technicians load a small charge of high-explosive into a containment vessel similar or identical to those used in the plutonium hydrotesting program. (From Research Highlights 1988, Los Alamos National Laboratory)

"Single Axis HSLA-100 Vessel Assembly," Los Alamos National Laboratory working drawing, 1995. HSLA-100 is the new steel used in the Appaloosa Program.

Vessels previously used for plutonium hydrotests. These tanks contain plutonium and other shot debris; each tank is used just once.  Shrapnel from the explosions may penetrate up to 1 inch into the steel. Photo: Los Alamos Study Group, Technical Area-55, Los Alamos NationalLaboratory.

Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrotest facility. Construction will be complete by late 2002. Photo: Los Alamos Study Group, May 1999.

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