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Technical Area Activities and Wastes at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Michael Baetz

Click on each Technical Area (TA) number for a brief summary of its activities and waste production (1)


Technical Areas Activities (2) Type of Waste Generated (3) Contains designated nuclear facilities? (4)
TA-0 Offsite facilities Unknown No
TA-2 Omega West nuclear reactor Unknown No
TA-3 Lab center, main technical area Chemical, Low Level Waste (LLW), Mixed LLW (MLLW) Yes (Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Building, Sigma Complex)
TA-5 Physical support facilities Unknown No
TA-6 Mostly undeveloped Unknown No
TA-8 Dynamic testing site Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes (Radiographic Test Facility)
TA-9 Explosives research Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-11 Explosives testing Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-14 Dynamic testing site Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-15 PHERMEX (5), weapons testing, Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrotest Facility (DARHT)  Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-16 Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility (WETF), high explosives processing Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes (WETF)
TA-18 Nuclear materials studies Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes (Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility)
TA-21 Tritium fabrication & testing Chemical, LLW, MLLW, Transuranic waste (TRU) Yes (Tritium Site Test Assembly & Tritium Science and Fabrication Facility)
TA-22 Detonator studies Unknown No
TA-28 Explosives storage Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-33 High-pressure tritium lab Unknown Yes (Nonproliferation R&D)
TA-35 Nuclear safeguards research Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-36 Explosives testing  Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-37 Explosives storage Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-39 Non-nuclear weapons studies, shock wave physics Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-40 Detonator studies Chemical, LLW, MLLW No
TA-41 Nuclear components R&D Unknown No
TA-43 Biology/Genetics Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes 
TA-46 Lasers/Photochemistry & Wastewater system Unknown No
TA-48 Radiochemistry R&D Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes (Radiochemistry Lab)
TA-49 Historic underground subcritical tests and unknown current use Unknown No
TA-50 Waste management Chemical, LLW, MLLW, TRU Yes (Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility & Waste Characterization, Reduction, and Repackaging Facility) 
TA-51 Radwaste impact research Unknown No
TA-52 Nuclear reactor performance & safety R&D  Unknown No
TA-53 Los Alamos Neutron Science Center Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes (Isotope Production Facility)
TA-54 Waste disposal and management Chemical, LLW, MLLW, TRU Yes (Area G, Radioassay and Nondestructive Testing Facility)
TA-55 Plutonium Facility site, plutonium processing R&D Chemical, LLW, MLLW, TRU, Mixed TRU waste (MTRUW) Yes (Plutonium Building)
TA-57 Astrophysics observatory and environmental research Unknown No
TA-58 For future use No
TA-59 Health & safety stuff No
TA-60 Testing & rack assembly No
TA-62 Experimental science No
TA-63 Major growth area No
TA-64 Hazardous Materials Response Team Headquarters No
TA-66 Industrial partnership activities No
TA-67 Environmental buffer No
TA-68 Dynamic testing site No
TA-69 Environmental buffer No
TA-70 Environmental buffer No
TA-71 Environmental buffer No
TA-72 Firing range No
TA-73 Los Alamos airport No
TA-74 Water wells No


1.  Map is from Department of Energy, Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement (SWEIS), V. I, January 1999, Figure 2.2.1- 1, p. 2-19.

2.  Ibid., Table 2.2.1-1, p. 2-20. More complete description of the technical areas can be found in LANL, SWEIS Project Office, Environment, Safety, and Health Division, Description of Technical Areas and Facilities at LANL, LA-UR-97-4275, 1997.

3.  Ibid., Table, pg. 4-187.

4.  LANL, SWEIS Project Office, op. cit.

5.  Pulsed High-Energy Radiation Machine Emitting X-Rays.

TA-74 TA-72 TA-53 TA-21 TA-2 TA-41 TA-43 TA-62 TA-3 TA-58 TA-69 TA-6 TA-8 TA-61 TA-5 TA-48 TA-55 TA-52 TA-63 TA-50 TA-66 TA-40 TA-22 TA-9 TA-14 TA-16 TA-28 TA-11 TA-37 TA-15 TA-67 TA-60 TA-35 TA-64 TA-46 TA-18 TA-36 TA-49 TA-39 TA-68 TA-71 TA-70 TA-33 TA-51 TA-54 TA-59

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