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Comparison of Average Annual Waste Generation Rates
by LANL Facility Between 1990 and 1995 (1)

Table A-2:

Numbers 1-16 refer to LANL facilities (see list below)

Hazardous chemical waste in kilograms per year for facilities 15 and 16: 15= 110,000 16= 651,000

Waste Generators by Name
Facility by Name Location(2) Activity(3)
1. Plutonium Facility Complex Located in Technical Area(TA)-55 Research and development of plutonium processing and pit manufacture and assembly.
2. Tritium Facilities Located in TA-16 & TA-21 TA-16 tests, develops, designs, and manufactures nuclear weapons components.  Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility(WETF) is located in TA-16, which processes tritium.  TA-21 conducts tests with tritium.
3. Chemical & Metallurgy Research Building (CMR) Located in TA-3 Research and experimental facilities for analytical chemistry & plutonium and uranium chemistry.
4. Pajarito Site Located in TA-18 Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility(LACEF).  Used for general-purpose nuclear experiments and researches criticality of nuclear materials.
5. Sigma Complex Located in TA-3 "Primarily used for synthesizing materials and for processing, characterizing, and fabricating metallic and ceramic items, including items made of depleted uranium."  Makes pit components and assembles them.  Major uranium work, assembles canned subassemblies.
6. Materials Science Laboratory(MSL) Located in TA-3 Used for processing & characterizing materials, and studying mechanical behavior.
7. Target Fabrication Facility Located in TA-35 Provides machining, polymer science, physical & chemical vapor deposition, and target assembly.  Produces coatings for nonnuclear components in pit fabrication.
8. Machine Shops Located in TA-3 Unspecified.
9. High Explosive Processing Facilities Located in TA-9, TA-11, TA-16, TA-28, TA-37 High explosives component manufacture, inspection.
10. High Explosive Testing Facilities Located in TA-14, TA-15, TA-36, TA-39, TA-40 High explosives testing, hydrotesting.
11. Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) Located in TA-53 Conducts atomic and subatomic particle research, production of radioisotopes.
12. Health Research Laboratory Located in TA-43 Conducts chemical/radiological research.
13. Radiochemistry Laboratory Located in TA-48 Conducts radiochemistry R&D and medical radioisotope production.
14. Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility (RLWTF) Located in TA-50, TA-21 Provides liquid waste treatment services for all of the laboratory.
15. Solid, Radioactive & Chemical Waste Treatment, Storage, & LLW Disposal Facilities Located in TA-54, TA-50 Waste created through waste minimization techniques such as compaction of waste and separation of mixed wastes.
16. Non-key Facilities Various Various


1.  All data taken from Department of Energy (DOE), Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement (SWEIS) for Continued Operation of the LANL, Vol. II;  Project Specific Siting and Construction Analyses, table, January 1999.

2.  Ibid.

3.  Ibid, table 2.2.1-1, and from LANL, Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement Project Office, Environment, Safety, and Health Division, Description of Technical Areas and Facilities at LANL, 1997 for facilities 2 through 7, 11, & 12.  Additional information gathered on facilities 2,3,5, & 7 from Lockwood Greene Technologies, Inc. and LANL, Nuclear Facilities Master Plan for Stockpile Stewardship and Management (SS&M) Support, Figure 2-3 and pp. 6-1 through 6-5, July 1996.  These four facilities all support the SS&M program.

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