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Material Disposal Area (MDA) V (1), (2)

Table B-20

Location:  Technical Area (TA) -21

Period of use:  October 1945 to 1961

Size:  0.88 acres

Number and type of disposal units:  Absorption beds (3).

Specific wastes and quantities:
Estimated volume: 150,025 ft3 Includes solvents and radioactive liquid waste including strontium, barium, lanthanum, plutonium, tritium, and uranium.
Potential environmental impacts:
DP Canyon, Los Alamos Canyon
New Mexico Environment Department's (NMED) Hazardous and Radioactive Material Bureau (HRMB) ranks this MDA as an area with a moderate to high probability of contaminant mobilization and a moderate to high potential of release to the groundwater.

1.  Rogers, Margaret Anne, History and Environmental Setting of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Near- Surface Land Disposal Facilities for Radioactive Wastes (Areas A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and T). June 1977.  (Back to Text)

2.  LANL, Environmental Restoration, TA-21 Operable Unit Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Facility Investigation (RFI) Workplan, LA-UR-91-962. May 1991.  (Back to Text)
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