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Agathon (Ak) Malten
(b. 4 July 1952 – d. 3 September 2014)

"Yes I am a dreamer. I am dreaming of a greener planet where people live in harmony with each other and nature."

"True Peaceful Energy forms and use are sustainable, endless, easy to be exploited - certainly on small scale - and free for all - like solar -, wind -, water -, ­ and geothermal power - except for the means to exploit it, which even can be cheap for small off the grid systems AND are not related to War and / or Weapons - like oil, gas and / or nuclear energy forms and use."

Ak was a tireless leader in the international anti-nuclear (weapons and power) movement for many decades -- up until the last moment of his life. He was known all over the world for his outreach.

The following is a prayer that was sent around the world by one of his many international friends:

"I pray for him. May his noble and idealistic soul rest in peace. May the Allmighty find him a place amongst the blessed and also give fortitude to Ak's family to bear this unbearable loss. Ameen." Tariq

Ak Malten

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