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A brief history & outline of our work

January 2017

The Study Group was founded in 1989 by Greg Mello and others who met regularly and organized public meetings in Los Alamos and Santa Fe to discuss nuclear policy and related issues. In 1992, the Study Group began work as a full-time staffed organization. Throughout this time, we have contributed popular and policy leadership on Department of Energy (DOE) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) weapons laboratory and warhead issues, in which we have considerable expertise. We have conducted hundreds of public meetings and hundreds of briefings on Capitol Hill. We are strictly nonpartisan and factual. We anchor policy details in a broad historical and technical perspective. We have wide technical, legal, and public education experience as well as strong academic and work histories in science, engineering, law, and organizing.

We have been quoted in thousands of newspaper articles and interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV programs. Greg Mello has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Issues in Science and Technology, in the New Mexico press, and elsewhere. We have won environmental, civil rights, and freedom of information lawsuits. We have blocked major nuclear warhead infrastructure projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), in which efforts we often have had to work against the arms control community and the New Mexico congressional delegation. Our litigation led to the only cancelled nuclear weapons project during Barack Obama's presidency. Counterpunch honored the Study Group by naming us one of the nation's "top ten small green groups" in 2011, one of eleven "favorite groups" in 2013 and one of the "Thin Green Line: 20 Groups Standing Between You and Doom" in 2016.

Please consider supporting our work through a contribution of cash or stock, and possibly recommending the same to a friend or colleague of yours.  The Los Alamos Study Group is a registered nonprofit organization and all contributions to it are tax-deductible.  These private contributions and a few small foundation grants represent the entire funding base for the Study Group.

If you have any questions or want more information about our programs, the issues, or how you might be able to help, please call our Albuquerque office at 505-265-1200 or visit our website at:  If you would like to receive our news bulletins by email please send a blank email to:  We will be happy to meet with you and are always ready to speak to your organization, club, class, religious group, or church.  We want to help support your own engagement and to help link people, issues, and policymakers.

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