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Full Page Ads in the Santa Fe New Mexican
  - September 14, 2001

  - September 21, 2001

  - September 28, 2001

  - October 4, 2001

  - October 18, 2001

  - December 14, 2001

Radio Spots:

Click here to listen to the radio spot about weapons of mass destruction.

(Windows media audio file - 489kb)

Click here
to read the letter from New Mexico senators and representatives to Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, extolling Carlsbad as a site for large-scale plutonium pit production.

Radio Ad 8: 7/17/03
Text of Ad:

As the pathetic tragedy of the Iraq war drags on, Americans are questioning the honesty of our country's leadership. So where are the famous weapons of mass destruction? Not in Iraq. But there are plenty here. There are twenty-five hundred nuclear weapons in Albuquerque, more than any other place in the world; New Mexico leads the world by far in their development and manufacture.

Now our congressional delegation says Carlsbad is a great location for a factory for plutonium "pits," the cores of nuclear weapons. Why have Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall lent their names to another factory for weapons of mass destruction, when the U.S. already has more than 10,000 nuclear weapons? Contact them and express your opinion -- and tell others.

This message is brought to you by the Los Alamos Study Group. To support these ads, or for more information, call 505-265-1200 or visit

Click here to listen to the press conference radio spot.
(Windows media audio file - 517kb)

Radio Ad#1, June 26, 2003, Rally & Press Conference at the State Capitol, Santa Fe, NM.

Text of Ad:

New Mexico is a land of little water, and growing amounts of nuclear waste. One landfill in Los Alamos, called "Area G," contains 11 million cubic feet of nuclear waste, an amount expected to double in the coming decades.

This mountain of waste comes from the lab's growing nuclear weapons program, which may soon include a factory form making plutonium bomb cores -- "pits," as they're called.

More than two dozen environmental organizations and thousands of people have petitioned the Governor to enforce existing law and close the dump, but no reply has been received so far.

Is the lab then above the law?

Gather with us on June 26 at 10am in the State Capitol Rotunda, to meet with the Governor, with each other, and demand closure of Area G. Bring your family and friends!

For more information, call the Los Alamos Study Group at 505-265-1200, or visit


 Click here< to listen to the anti-war radio spot.

(Windows media audio file - 497kb)

Several area radio stations carried this paid anti-war advertisement in February, March, and April of 2003, sponsored by the Los Alamos Study Group and by the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and the Silver City chapters of Veterans for Peace.† Our thanks to all the generous supporters that made these ads possible. Your donations were instrumental in getting this message out to thousands of people.† By the end of the run the total was approximately 562 spots, not counting the extra spots that ran when there was open time available. Thank you!

Text of Ad:

The invasion of Iraq is a war of aggression, illegal under the U.N. Charter and other treaties the U.S. has signed.† An orchestrated campaign of fear-mongering, lies, and propaganda is being used to put our soldiers in harmís way in order to take over another country and its oil.

This unprecedented crisis threatens the very identity and destiny of our country.† The world rightly stands appalled at what the U.S. is doing.

Itís more important than ever to join the active opposition to this war -- even as we are compassionate to the soldiers who have been commanded to kill.† We can best support our soldiers by bringing them home.

This message is brought to you by the Los Alamos Study Group and the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Silver City Veterans for Peace.† For more information, or to help support these ads, contact 505-982-7747 [now the phone number is: 505-265-1200], or visit

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