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Welcome to the Nuclear Careers homepage
updated 11/27/17
Nancy Nuke

These web pages, originally created in 2001, are meant to provide some basic information about nuclear weapons work, US nuclear weapons policy, and the national weapons laboratories. Though most of this is dated, there is still quite a bit of interesting information here.

The US government spends about $6.5 billion per year on nuclear weapons-related work, including research, design, and production activities at the national weapons labs. Spending on this work now outstrips what the US spent on similar activities during the height of the Cold War.

Scientists in a variety of fields and disciplines may one day find themselves as a potential employee of the national labs or working on a nuclear weapons-related project at a university or corporation. It is often very difficult to discover the true nature of such research, or know in advance how it all fits together.

Information found here and elsewhere can form the basis of thoughtful consideration of the implications - ethical, legal, and practical - of embarking on a career in the nuclear weapons arena.

And here is a presentation that will leave you speechless:

"A Bold New Plan for Los Alamos National Laboratory"(Animated Powerpoint)

"A Bold New Plan for Los Alamos National Laboratory" (PDF, not animated)

Los Alamos Study Group • 2901 Summit Place NE • Albuquerque, NM 87106 • ph 505-265-1200

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