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Leaked document details Pentagon planning process for developing and building new nuclear weapons for “small strikes.” (Click here to download html document - 120kb.)     

The Study Group deserves no credit for unearthing this document.  We didn’t dig it up, and it was not given to us with the idea that we would publish it.  Quite the contrary.  We have come to believe, however, that it is our responsibility to make it availability in its entirety, to do so rapidly (e.g. before any war in Iraq) -- and to do so from a position outside Washington, DC in order to enhance the vitality and diversity of debate about U.S. nuclear weapons.

Click here to view press release summarizing some of what’s important in this document.

Related documents:

“Differentiation and Defense: An Agenda for the Nuclear Weapons Program,” February 2003, pdf document 823kb.

“Memorandum for Members of the Nuclear Weapons Council,” October 21, 2001, pdf 120kb.

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